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God is LOVE! I am so very thankful for helping with Vacation Bible School. It was so amazing and fun. From the delicious food prepared by the loving hands of Jessica and Quint to our donations of stickers, dirt, flower pots and supplies to our very own Worship Band playing every night, Marilyn doing our Bible stories, art lead by volunteers like Jet, Nate, Hannah, Sherry and Richard and his lovely daughter. There were also games every day that were so fun!!

I cannot express the gratitude I have for all of the help I got! Our Redeemer lives! From Susan and Marilyn putting together a million camera name tags to Liz doing registration. To Dan bringing in the "Big Heart" to take pictures. The Youth helped: Luca and Rocco, Rowan, Bowie and Brooklyn with Blessing popping in Thursday and Friday. Thank you to Mike and Cheyanne, Pam,
Roger, Marilyn, Bev and Quint and Jessica for making it happen and coming to our meetings for this!
Special appreciation for Austin and Taylor for their support and love goes out to them. Also, a special thank you to Pam for the beautiful hand-made hearts she created with our names and it is something I will cherish. And also, to Roger who designed all of our graphics and stickers!!

We had 18 registered children and 9 teenagers helping. Emily, whose younger sister attended, helped all 5 days. It was such a great experience that I couldn’t do without all of our amazing members, my core volunteers and the support of my family, kids and of course God. God’s love was shown in so many ways that week from the love in the food to the love in the music to the love in fun and in stories about Jesus and in art. In every way we showed those kids and parents how God is Love! I look forward to December for our Christmas Village which will be Saturday, December 9th. It will be a great family event and I will be inviting back our kids who came to VBS.

Thank you for your love and support!

Jade Clark