Trustee Report

Our much-awaited solar system is being installed.  It will take a week or so. They have to lay out where all 60 panels will be placed and then install the mounting hardware.  But it is going up. If anyone is still interested in making a special donation to the solar project they still can.

Also, one other thing as long as I’m talking about money: we would like to start a drive to purchase new chairs for the Fellowship Hall. You can see how stained most these have become. They are more than a couple of decades old.  We are still selecting the chairs we want but I expect the price will be about $60 each including tax and delivery.  It would be great if anyone wanting to could donate the money to buy one or two. Just make a note on your offering envelope for "chairs". Or you can put it in a separate envelope as well. Just be sure to write "chairs" on it.  Young at Heart has started the campaign for us with a donation of $400.

As always there are plenty of things that need to be trimmed or weeds to be pulled.  Please see me or Mike if you have some time to do any of that.

Thanks for the help people always give us.

Dan Herman, Trustee