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An amazing opportunity is coming up! Vacation Bible School is July 22nd to the 26th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. We always need volunteers and please tell your grandkids and neighbors! We also need donations for crafts, snacks and activities. 

24 canvas bags 

Goldfish crackers   
Sea shells 

Cases of water

I bag of sand 

Gold coins 

24 small wooden frames 

Beads (large)

4 large bouncy balls 

4 loaves of bread 

Smiles and Laughter! 


Thank you for your support of this yearly outreach program.

Thank you and please mark VBS or Mrs. Jade it can be left in the office. 

The theme is the Beach...Jesus is our Rock!

Welcome to our new Elder, Winta and Naomi’s Dad Luwam Tesfai!! 

And to new Head Elder Cheyanne!

There are always opportunities to serve; just think about it! It is rewarding, so come join us! 

The next VBS meeting is June 9th! Snacks provided!!

Thank you so much.

The one that Jesus loved,

Jade Clark
Elder of  Children & Youth